Ipreorder an article and it havent arrived yet

I preorder the POKEMON CENTER EXCLUSIVE ELESA AND EMOLGA FIGURE and in the website it says that it should have arrived on early april,but i dont have it yet,i have tried to contact the staff but they didnt message me back

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect postal times, as many countries are on lockdown and I believe Japan may still be one of them, that being said NEVER order from the Nintendo soup store as they don’t care at all, had a few people come here and complain about their poor customer service and lack of communication. If you paid by PayPal try to get a refund from there or contact your bank and see if you can get your money back that way, It may also be worth finding out which country NintendoSoup is in and see if you can take any free legal action against them for poor customer service.

As an example in the UK if you have bad customer service from a company you can contact the ombudsmen who will look into it and if they find the company is in the wrong you can get some money from that company, and it’s 100% free, not sure if it’s like that where Nintendo soup is based but maybe worth a shot and it might finally give them the kick in the arse they need to get their ■■■■ in order.

Sorry, you are having issues but sadly you won’t hear from them here as none of the staff bothers with this place, all I can suggest is opening the menu on here clicking users and finding Gal-mos or whatever they are called ( the head of Nintendo soup) and sending them a DM and hope you can contact them that way.

There is not even to mention it, we all know that with the current pandemic everything is not working as usual. And also, people prefer to stay at home to protect themselves and order everything on the internet so there are more orders than usual and the delivery services are overwhelmed.
However, try to send them an email to better understand the situation and to be sure there are no worries.

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Even if COVID-19 wasn’t a thing Nintendo Soup never respond to emails, I have spoken with many people having the same issue, you place an order and never hear from them, one person posted on here about getting his Zelda Links awakening steel book damaged because of poor postage, and that took longer than it should have.