In representation of Spanish South American people, i MrBlade will introduce myself

Hi everyone, im MrBlade, a fellow South American here.

I own a N64, Gamecube, Wii, 2DS and im a proud owner of a Nintendo Switch.

I’ll be short, i love Animal Crossing, clocked about 2000+ hours across all games, its just an amazing game, and i just can’t wait for the next one to see the light. (i also love other nintendo games, but this one just win my heart)

PLS add Animal Crossing tag on the forum


Welcome to the forums! I also love Animal Crossing and can’t wait for it to come to Switch, Pocket Camp doesn’t quite scratch my itch for Animal Crossing.

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Welcome to the forum! I love animal crossing as well, though I only just recently jumped into the franchise with new leaf. 2000 hours is certainly impressive!