Impossible to catch them all in Pokemon SwSH


With the new info given about Pokemon Home, saying you can only transfer pokemon which are in the Galar Pokedex.

Does this mean we can’t use pokemon which don’t feature in the Galar dex in the game?

If so this will be a bit of a let down for may people and will affect competitive by limiting which pokemon can be used.

It kind of feels like a reboot of the game but they keep some of the old guard to not anger older fans.

What are your opinions about this?


I’m pretty disappointed to be honest, have tons of pokemon I was hoping to bring with me. Maybe they’ll introduce more regions/pokemon slowly via dlc?


There has never been any DLC like regions in any of the games so sadly I doubt it.

I think that pokemon home will be where we can catch them all, as we can trade using the app so it is still possible to catch them all it wont be in the traditional sense we are used to.

If they dont plan on adding the other pokemon at a later date I hope they include a reason about why in to the story, such as the region is so unique that pokemon which are not native to the region could damage its ecosystem.

As for megas and Z moves it kind of makes sense, when we got megas they said it only happens in the Kalos region but we got it in later games, so aslong as dynamaxing stays in Galar and not in future games I can live with it.


We don’t know the final number yet but it is a new region so its understandable


The more I think about it the better I think this will be for pokemon.

Each gen or set of game will have different pokemon, this will force the competitive scene to adapt.

All those over used pokemon will not be over used anymore as each new set of game or gen there will be a different rotation of Pokemon.

The national pokedex isn’t going away, I think it will still be there but in pokemon home as well.

I think a lot of Pokemon fans will never be happy.


Yeah, I just check out Masuda’s twitter, his tweet about being at E3’s comments at really toxic at times.

Masuda is going to be the next Sakurai with how much people are expecting him to do.


As long as Home becomes a good place for my friends to relax in, I’m okay with this. I was a little miffed at first, but I understand why they are doing it. I do also understand why people are upset – many have very emotional ties to their Pokèmon, and they have every reason to want to take them with them on their journey.