How to fix your broken SL/SR button

Some of you may experience wear and tear of you Joy-con, and the SL/SR buttons start to stop working, meaning you can’t play with one Joy-con.

I’ve made a video showing how the repair can be done. It’s fairly easy I think, but do note that it will void your warranty! Hope it helps!


This is really nice, I love how you explain the entire process as you’re doing it. My joy cons haven’t had this issue yet, but this will come in very handy if I do!
Thank you!

Hopefully your Joy-Con stays that way! It took a year and a half for mine to start acting up… and it seems the problem is much more common if you purchased a Switch in early 2017.

I purchased mine last may. I hope so too. With how expensive the joy con are, I hope Nintendo releases a ‘budget option’ set of joy cons. Maybe without rumble or gyro or IR. Not sure how that would affect the price honestly, but it’d be nice to have more options.
@Iggy Were you able to fix your joy cons?

Yup - @nitro fixed them for me! It took about 20 minutes.

The ‘budget’ Joy-Con you are talking about do exist, but in China:

I hope Nintendo makes them one day though!

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Ehhh… Not sure I trust those. XD
I agree, hopefully we’ll get official ones down the line.

They will probably break in a few months. Haha

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Hi all. I recently bought a super mario party. I was very pissed when it turned out that the sl and sr buttons in both joy cons did not work!!! Warranty of course after the date. Today I had a great idea. I just swapped the buttons in the joy cons SL and SR swapped L and ZL in settings controllers, and that works! these buttons are least used in a mario party, maybe two or three mini games. I hope that I helped.