How does the Switch compare to your other consoles?

Hey there,

i wanted to know how your Nintendo Switch compares to your other earned consoles.

For me the Switch is now probably the console where i tried out new genres and games the most.

Previously games like Skyrim or Breath of the wild were not my cup of tea since i just couldn’t see myself spending so much time with the same game infront of my TV or PC Monitor. But with the Switch it changed since i could just take the games with me on my way to work and keep playing there. Big games don’t seem so intimidating to me anymore.

Also somehow the Switch is just more fun to play on for me. No long load times, i am in and out of a game in no time.

I also never had a console where my library grew so fast. I now own 25 physical games on the Switch and probably about a dozen digitaly. And for the first time i can say that i have played all of my games. It’s not like with Steam where i buy games when they are on sale and never play them. The Switch got me back to what’s really important: Playing.

I think the only other console i have used nearly as much is my PS3, but that is probably only because it is my Blu-Ray and DVD player.
Also i didn’t count my PC since that would be cheating. Since the games i have there i have collected over the past 16 years and several hardware changes.

So i’m curious how the Switch compares to your other systems? Have you used it more? Has the way you play games changed? Maybe it changed your view on motion controls? Let’s talk about it ^^


It has definitely made me more open to trying new things. I usually play handheld systems since I can take them anywhere. The switch already has so many games I would have never touched because the likes of the 3ds couldn’t handle them. I love the multiplayer-out-of-the-box approach the switch takes, and seeing all my favorite IPs in HD is amazing. I guess moving forward I will be more open to at-home consoles, and innovation when it comes to controls. :slight_smile:

I defiantly use my switch a lots and it’s my go to for trying new indie games as I can load the fast without having to turn on my pc etc. For travelling though I’m still using my vita (working my way through persona 4 golden) or 3ds as they feel more robust.

My switch is probably tied with my 3ds for being my favourite at the moment but that will likely change as more games come out especially Pokemon.

I have a PS4 too but it doesn’t get used so much as I have to be in the mood to sit down and play. Handhelds are more my thing. Some big experiences are worth it on PS4 though and besides there’s Kingdom Hearts.

My Xbox is a Halo machine and it may possibly be the last Xbox I buy considering that Halo is coming to the PC.

For everything else, I think the Switch does nicely, it has a decent amount of first-party exclusive and a lot more third-party support than the Wii U. It is also great that you can bring it anywhere with you as well.

A lot of the other console sell on marketing gimmicks like 4K HDR, I don’t have such a powerful TV so… I guess thanks but no thanks… Basically, I think any console is as good as its exclusive at this point… exclusive features touchpad on controller etc. is quite irrelevant… even the Switch’s features like IR sensor is hardly used…

Thus I think the Switch is rocking it compared to the other console!

Hey another Halo fan :smiley:
I was thinking about buying a Xbox just to play Halo since the Xbox One is on sale pretty much all the time.
But since it will come to the PC i just wait till i can buy it there. I used to play so much of the original Halo online on PC back in the day. Can’t wait to return to Blood Gulch again.

I have always been a Nintendo fan, I dont mind owning other consoles but I have always been more into nintendo’s games, I have owned a PS2 and and Xbox 360. On how my switch compares to other consoles I have owned I prefer the switch 100% I am not all about graphics and are more about the story of a game, and being able play games like BoTW on the go is great for me.

With other non Nintendo consoles I would only play a few games such as on PS2 it I only played FFX FFX-2 and The GTA games, and on Xbox I ended up only playing lost planet 2 in the online mode.

When I moved to China I sold my Wii and Gamecube and it was one of the things I regret and when I go back to the UK will buy them again

I’ve been a Nintendo-fan my whole life, so I
I’m biased to begin with. And I’ve a soft spot for portable gaming devices, so Switch always was going to be a favourite.

That said, I love my PS4 too. Some games are pretty epic and have a qcale that can’t easily be replicated on Switch. Think God of War, Spider-Man, RDR2,…

But the portability of Switch really is its defining characteristic for me. I’ve played substantially lore Doom on Switch than on PS4. I’ve finished Wolfenstein II on Switch (and now doing a second playthrough), never on PS4. I’m making more progress on Diablo III on Switch than any other pkatform. If there is a version on Switch AND it’s done properly, I tend to go for the Switch version, just like the upcoming MK11. It’s just so convenient.

I’m currently at 130 hours playing Zelda. No game on any other console comes even close.

Travelling with the train has never been so fun! :wink:

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The Switch is definitely my favorite gaming system so far. The platforms I own are: Wii, PS4, PC and Switch.
As great as Wii exclusives are some of them just haven’t aged well due to them being forced with motion controls.
I do love my PS4 for its exclusives (with my second favorite game of all time God Of War being on there) but I enjoy the experience of the handheld mode of the Nintendo Switch more for it being much more convenient and quicker to use.

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I came from an ATARI household. Had 2600.
My first Ninty was the classic Gameboy, then a N64.
Then PS 1, 2 and 3. Several of each as they died.
Xbox OG and 360.
Also several computers.
I actually owned the first “laptop” to ever hit Norwegian shores. A hand me down from my uncle.
Now I have an Asus ROG laptop
Yet my switch is my go to device for gaming.
Its the flexibility. Yes I could play fallout on the bog with my M11X. But not handheld.

My Switch is like a movie center, streaming device, AND game player! It is SO cool. I miss my Wii connecting to the Internet, but, I don’t worry about it anymore. I like singleplayer Wii games and was a Wii multiplayer at once when my late Dad gave it to me. I also had three GBA SP systems that I abused (poor systems’ game difficulty, in my honest opinion); other game systems I like are my smartphone (emulator-ready!) and tablet and 2DS.

It was a little bit weird for me to transfer from XboX One to Nintendo Switch, but few days and I’m okay with that now. I even bought a controller alike my old one.

Best handheld ever (barely beating DSi imo), weirdly accurate motion controls, like splitting the Joy-Cons. I still like it less than the fully Backwards compatible (PS1 and 2), Blu-Ray playing, Mp3 compatible streaming reasonably cheap PS3.

I personally prefer to play with the Nintendo Switch, I didn’t have much complication to go from Xbox to Switch

I play my Switch 99% of the time compared to anything else. Its mainly because I can share my tv and my time. The fact that I can pick up and go whenever I feel like it is the main selling point. I like that I can sit on the couch with my wife, play, and still be able to converse with her while she watches TV. I think it needs more work on the software and hardware side. We are missing some great games on it, but it doesn’t change my mind.