Hi,Im Paul

Im Paul. Im a 14 year old boy from germany who probaly spends too much time with videogames. Im intrested in story writing and Videogame story discussions. But give me any topic related to nintendo and i have a (probaly very bad) opinion on it.

Also sorry for anyone who wanted that username


Hey Paul! And Welcome!

No worries I took a username too lol

Hello Paul, welcome to NintendoSoup Forum! Congratulations on taking the username lol. :slight_smile:

Hello Paul, hopefully you’ll make yourself feel welcome here

Hey you were here before the other Paul’s, you earned it :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m Radley. Please to meet you all! :smiley:

Hi Paul,

didn’t think i would see another german here ^^ Let’s have a good time here

Welcome to the forum Radley! :slight_smile: