Hi! I'm nubduck!

Been lurking around the news feed for nintendo soup, now that they have a forum, might as well join in!

I mainly play music related games on 3DS and Switch! Nice to meet fellow gamers!


Nice to meet you too, and welcome to the forum!
What are your favorite music titles? I don’t play many so I’d love to hear! :smile:

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Crypt of the Necrodancer lol

Hi there.
I see a Konata avatar, i have to say hello ^^

Hi everyone!

@Trick Project Diva / Taiko / Osu (NDS), personal fav for now is probably the Taiko… still trying to get used to the Switch version, coming from the 3DS platform side…

@Iggy thanks :slight_smile:

@Steven_Smith wow… never knew of that title…

@PyroRanger Yeah its pretty old, i created it for use on my last.fm profile, it used to animate, but guess that is unsupported here… :smiley: