Hi, I’m Darkling


Hi there! I am a Nintendo fan that runs the Nintendo Switch RPG Fans group on Facebook. As you might guess, RPG’s are my favorite kind of game! I’m a twenty-nine-year-old gal from the Midwest in the US. Hiya!

I have played Nintendo all my life, all the way back to the NES. My first personal console was the N64, and I have every release aside from the Wii U.

I am super happy about the upcoming remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles!

Right now I am playing:
Tales of Vesperia
Final Fantasy IX
Stardew Valley

Nice to meet you!


Hello, welcome to the forum!


Welcome I love RPGs as well.

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That’s awesome! What are your favorites?


My favorites are Golden Sun, Final Fantasy 9, Pokemon and much more.


Golden Sun is such a treasure. I really hope we get a port of the first two or a remake.


I’m also current playing Tales of Vesperia. Been playing it as a kind of background slow burn for a couple of months while also dipping into other games, but am about halfway through, I think (I’m at the coliseum).

Really enjoying the game overall, but there is just a little bit too much talking for me personally. Combat’s fun though and I really like the visuals. You?


I play mostly multiplayer with my fiancé and we love the battle system!


Welcome. I too enjoy RPGs and wish I had more time to play them the stories are so so good but so long.


Hello fellow suffering Midwestern lol. I live in Northwestern Iowa. I love RPGs have you tried out Y2K A Post Modern RPG? It’s super weird but in a good way


This is on my list of things to pick up! It looks really good!