Hey, This is Bavneet from India, want to share something cool I built during the lockdown

Hey everyone,

I am Bavneet, from Bangalore, India. I love to play retro games on PC, and Wii Sports on Nintendo Wii. I would like to share something cool I built recently.


I was reminiscing about the phenomenon of “Nintendo Wii” during the first lockdown in 2020. My friends at work and I used to engage in a fun activity of playing Wii games during office on Fridays. It was like a ritual. Tennis on Nintendo Wii’s Wii Sports was my favorite. I wished to have a similar experience with my family at home. While I arranged the Good Ol’ Wii, I also looked for alternatives. I read up on pose detection technology and took up a project. In the last few months, I have built out a few console-free motion games in unity. I could play them on my smartphone and pair my phone to my Smart TV as well for a more immersive experience.

As a tribute to the evergreen and iconic “Wii Sports”, these games are also themed around sports. I can juggle a football, throw a javelin or catch a ball.

Here is a short video demo youtu.be/Zbqjm8nqEuM.

I just have to place my smartphone on the ground and step back. I used to cast my phone to a smart TV when playing with my sister and challenge her to beat my score. She couldn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Please comment here or dm me for a link to try the games. While the games could currently be buggy, your feedback is most welcome :slight_smile: