Hey from Switzerland

Hi everyone
My Name is mr.raw and i am from Switzerland. I own a company where I roast coffee and sell and serve fresh good Coffee Beans.
In the free time I enjoy my family and of course gaming some Nintendo Games. I have a 7 year old son who is crazy about Mario Kart or Splatoon 2.
My first ever Console was the Mattel Intelevision were i was 7 Years old in 1984. (yes, i am one of the oldest here with 42Y) My Love to Nintendo cames when i was 13 Years old. It all started with the Mario / Duck Hunt set. Since that time I have collected all Nintendo consoles (except Virtual Boy). My favorite Nintendo Console is the N64, GameCube and the 3DS. I am a big WWF: NoMercy and a huge Rareware Fan and i still hope that NoMercy oder Goldeneye were coming sometimes for Nintendos Switch.
I’m not a great Zelda Fan, 'cause all Zelda Games need a lot of time to finish it. If i play a Zelda Game, then i enjoy Minish Cap or Between two worlds.
I hope that my bad English will not scare you here.
I try my best.
you also find me on thegforum.ch - swiss Forum

Hallo da draussen.
Ich als Schweizer Nintendo Fan hoffe doch sehr, dass hier ein paar Deutsch sprechende User zu finden sind. Die meissten Deutschsprachigen Seiten (seien es FB oder andere Seiten) nehmen ihre News sowieso immer von hier ^^ Also würde ich mich freuen, den einen oder anderen hier anzutreffen.

Hello Mr.Raw, welcome to NintendoSoup Forum!

No worries about your English. :slight_smile: We welcome everyone.

How is the Nintendo scene in Switzerland? We don’t hear much about gaming in Switzerland unlike other European countries, so I’m curious!