Hello i'm Tere!

Hello i’m Tere!

I’m from the US and a dude who just likes to play way too much Splatoon 2 or Pokken DX.

It all started with the Super Nintendo and Super Mario World when I was about 4 and dove into some of the weirder games in the library and took a interest in some of the more obscure titles the console held and that stuck with me even to this day with Nintendo Switch.

I also accidentally have too many Nintendo Switch games since I beat them too quickly and a sucker for some ports (cries in Capcom) and usually end up buying too much and now I live with a wall of plastic I must embrace lol.

I am looking forward to Animal Crossing and Yo-Kai Watch 4 this year the most! Big fan of both series and I don’t want to skip on either.

Hope to have a lot of fun here and meet people to discuss or play games with!


Hi Tereuna, welcome to NintendoSoup Forum!

How many Switch games do you have? :open_mouth:

I’m also looking forward to Animal Crossing! Still on the fence for Yo-Kai Watch 4 (I played YW2 on my Japanese 3DS a few years back but didn’t had enough energy to complete it lol).

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I’m also hyped for animal crossing! Can’t wait to see what new features they introduce. :smile:

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Currently I have 45 but I just picked up 2 Nintendo Labo kits for cheap so if we count those then 47!

And I get the Yo-Kai Watch thing lol. I didn’t have the energy to do the end game content for 2 and didn’t even want to touch 3 even though I can get it for cheap by importing. Hopefully this time around we can try and finish 4 lol

That’s a lot of games! Speaking of Labo mine has been left untouched since lat April… lol.

I can guess why lol. I’m currently building the robot kit and hopefully I have some fun with it for awhile before shoving it in the closet or something.