Hello From NYC

Fav Games: Pikmin 2, Mother 3, Melee
Currently Playing Metroid Fusion
Eagerly awaiting Boxboy on Switch :white_large_square:

Welcome Pikachu!

Waiting for BoxBoy + BoxGirl too. :slight_smile: I hope they release a Qudy amiibo (have a Qbby amiibo sitting in front of my iMac).

Qbby is SO iMac, I love it. Apple should have scooped it up and made a mobile game for their Apple Arcade. Would be a great fit for mobile.

Sadly it’s a game by second party developer HAL Laboratory, so it won’t happen. But I don’t think it’s impossible to see a future BOXBOY game on smartphones though!

Where did you get Qbby amiibo ? By the way, I’ve found pretty nice website ( here: https://www.mostexpensiveshityoucanbuy.com/most-expensive-amiibo/ ), where they have collected information about the most expensive Amiibo in the world. It turns out that Mega Yarn Yoshi is one of the most rare Amiibos.