Hello from Montreal


Hi everyone. I am originally from Romania but moved to Canada a long time ago. I live in Montreal at the moment and I am a big Nintendo fan. I really want to thank NintendoSoup for creating this awesome opportunity for us.

I am currently playing Zelda BOTW and Diablo 3 on the Switch but I am a big Pokemon fan. I have already finished Let’s Go Pikachu; needless to say I am super excited for Sword and Shield.

Aside from Nintendo games, I am a massive Star Wars fan, I love anime and the Marvel universe.

I look forward to meeting new people on this forum.



Welcome my name is Steve and I am a lifelong video game fan. Started on the NES and I’m raising my Daughter in the way of the nerd lol


Thank you Steve, nice to meet you. Your daughter is super adorable and I guess she loves R2D2?
That’s definitely the best way to raise children :slight_smile: