Hello fello Nintendo addicts

Hey guys, never introduced myself in a forum before.

My first experience with Nintendo was at the age of four and being taught how to play Aladdin on the family’s SNES. Then at 5 I got my first Game Boy Color and Pokemon Gold. Since then I’ve pretty much always played Nintendo. Even in my PlayStation and Xbox days I’d always polish off my DS or Wii U.

I’ve loved my Switch. Best thing my wife has let me purchase in our marriage thus far.

I love action adventure games, and most games that involve other players to achieve goals. I miss the days of sharing controllers on a couch, or really needing conversation to occur to succeed.

Can’t wait to see what Nintendo does next. If you ever want to squad up just let me know. I stay pretty up to date with all things Nintendo, so I’m ready for some good discussions in here.


I agree! I miss couch co-op. Not many people where I live care for it. Also really happy you mentioned snes Aladdin, I love that game.
And welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here! :smiley:

Another big fan of couch coop! Luckily we still get some in the world of Nintendo. I’ve been playing Captain Toad with my daughter and we are soon to start Yoshi’s Crafted World.

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Those are awesome games! My wife and I are experiencing team bonding through CT. Yoshi’s Crafted world is more difficult. We haven’t had the chance to try that one coop yet though. I’m hoping to build my library up so I can play with my niece as she gets older and one day our own kids. My dad got me into gaming from an early age by just playing with us, but it was some great times together too.

Yeah, these are probably ly the last 2 games like that we will get to play together. She has started playing games like (most recently) Diablo 3 with her older brother. She has told me she’s likes the games for older kids/teens more now. It has made getting her to play Nintendo with me more difficult and less fun :cry:

That’s really sad, but you can always move up with her. My dad started walking my brother and I through Combat Desert Storm when we started asking for a FPS. Great memories with my dad over Christmas break because of it.