Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Well, colour me impressed! I enjoyed the PS4-version, though I never quite gave it the playtime it deserved. This looks like a good opportunity to give it a second chance. It’s a very good game and quite the achievement given the dark themes it handles.

Looks quite good, even though it’s not direct feed. Better than I had dared to expect!

Wow, that’s really impressive! Looks like it was the right decision to let QLOC port the game. They are the same folks who ported Dark Souls Remastered to Switch.

This is easily the best looking game on the Nintendo switch that I’ve seen to date. And it’s a genre and style of game that we need more of. It’s precisely the kind of game you hear people say they want on Switch, so I am kind of surprised to see so few people talking about it. Especially given the praise it’s received and how many awards it was bestowed with.

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Very impressed it will be a day one purchase for me

11th of april! Yay!

Digital only for the moment! …yay?

Not that much of an issue, but still a shame, methinks.

Yup, digital only for now. There was a physical release for Xbox One I believe, so fingers crossed…

For those who love 'em a little side-by-side.

Interesting… Apparently, most of the cutscenes are FMV that fade into realtime rendering instead of completely realtime like on PS4 or Xbox One. It could have fooled me, though I did notice a subtle shift at the beginning if the game.

A cunning use of smoke and mirrors, methinks!

That’s surprising! As long as they can pull it off, it’s all good lol.

I’m keen on to get a version of this game
everybody who get one say this game deserve a chance
I hope that will get a physical version

Oh, it’s worth it. I’ve played the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro- versions, and this is a very worthy port!

It’s a compelling, yet dark and at times unsettling experience, but very good.
And as with everything on Switch, now you can experience it on the toilet.