Greetings from a new Moderator!

Hello everyone!
Nonokeu here, very honoured to be part of the moderation team here at NintendoSoup Forum.

A little about myself:
I owned my first Nintendo console when I was 3 years old and I’ve never let Nintendo out of my life since.
It was the vanilla Gameboy (4x AA batteries and really heavy for my toddler arms back then), and a gift from my grandmother (she gave my mother one, too).

I subsequently went on to own the Gameboy Colour, Pocket, GBA SP, NDSL, 3DS, New3DSXL, and now the Switch. I’m heavily focused on handheld as I love the idea of gaming wherever I am.
Out of them, my favourite was actually the NDSL. It was a hardy gadget, with battery juice lasting really long per charge. I was pretty bummed out when it got phased out, but still gaming on.
I’m quite a selective player though, mostly on games that never really end, such as Animal Crossing, Rhythm Heaven, and Monster Hunter. I also have a penchant for Skyrim and Oblivion.

That’s all to the little bit about myself, and I hope to know everyone here better.
Let’s work together to make the forum a great place to discuss all things Nintendo, and that includes the games as well of course.
Last but not least, please DM me if there is any issue you would like to highlight to me about; I will seek a resolution to the best of my ability.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!



Hi Nonokeu! Welcome to the team!

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