Greetings from 8bitSquid

Hey I am known as 8bit Squid, I am a huge fan of Splatoon. I hail from the U.K. but currently live im China. My first nintendo product was the og gameboy which is a clue to how much of a man child I am.

Hi 8bitSquid, welcome to NintendoSoup Forum!

That’s pretty cool! Since you are living in China, I’d like to ask do you have any (speed) issues connecting to our site from China? Also, how’s Nintendo there? I heard the Switch is pretty popular compared to previous Nintendo consoles.

It’s a little slow loading with out a VPN( the news part of the site) but the forums load fast, I use a VPN 24/7 anyway so its never an issue. Yeah, Its very popular the only other one most people know beside the Switch is the Wii, its a pain buying physical games as you have to get them imported so it can take a while, smash for example took 1 month to reach me and it was sent on launch day from the EU, but it also makes importing Japanese games faster.

Thanks for letting us know! What about rtsoup? (that’s our sister Chinese site)

Although we don’t have many readers from China, we’re working on adjusting things on the backend to make the site faster for those living there. There were some changes made last year, so I hoped that help to make things faster by a bit.

Yikes, one month is too long. I believe Amazon China does sell some Switch games but it’s mostly from Amazon Japan. Not sure whether there’s any difference in terms of shipping though, but I believe import taxes are already factored in.

Not sure, I can’t read Chinese so I don’t use it. I buy most of my game from Taobao as its easier for me to use over here.

No worries, thanks! I guess most TaoBao sellers get their stock from HK?

They used to, until the switch I couldnt buy games unless I went back to the UK, but now because the switch is region free I can but I have noticed alot the the games I buy are from the EU, the only Hong Kong game I have got is lets go Pikachu, a few are from Japan such as my Bayo Non stop climax edition(just had to get bayo 1 physical) and Mario Kart 8 dx

I guess that’s because the European games are cheaper at wholesale! The HK ones come with exclusive goodies though.

Nothing wrong with loving games man. Glad you’re here!

Maybe, but as I said I could never find EU versions of Wii U or 3DS games only Japanese ones or American ones

3DS/Wii U are region locked, and most people in China had Japanese region systems at that time:

From my friend Chinese Nintendo:

Yeah, I know, thats why after I moved to China it was rare I got any new games on 3DS and Wii U, when sun and moon came out on 3ds I managed to find eshop vouchers on taobao so I managed to buy the SM and USUM luckily.

Hey there
like you said in my introduction thread it’s nice to see someone else liking splatoon ^^
From what i read you pretty much have the same taste in games that i do.

How do you like it in china? Might be a dumb question but can you play Splatoon or something else online there?

I love it here, China has given me a great life in the 7 years I have been here. Yeah you can play anything here ( on switch anyway) with no problems with the exception of maybe Smash which seems to be really laggy but I think that’s the same for everyone.

Yeah i can confirm that. Smash lags for me here in germany too ^^
I still have hope that Nintendo will do something about it.

Nice. Glad to here you like it in china. How does the language barrier work out for you? I am currently trying to learn japanese and the kanji are driving me crazy -.-

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I can ask the price of things, say I don’t speak Chinese, order food and beer, you know the important stuff lol. I can speak a fair amount of Chinese not as much as I should though, If I need help I get my kids to translate for me.

I hope they will do something also but at this point I highly doubt it anymore.

I know you you feel in regards to the writing, I gave up years ago trying to learn to read Chinese

Hello! :smile:
Saw you around on here and realized I hadn’t greeted you yet. You have nice taste in games!
Splatoon is on my list of games to grab, just not sure if I should grab that or breath of the wild first. Which would you suggest?

You might wanna try this out if you are having a tough time with Kanji: (Anki is a downloadable program for learning languages and other subjects. You can download decks to help with memorization)

Both. They are both amazing games, if you love exploring then go for BoTW first or if you love shooters go for Splatoon but get the Octo expansion with it as that adds so much more to the game and the final, final boss of the expansion is actually a challenge.

At the end of the day its hard to compare them as they are both different genres but both of them deserve to be played to death.

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Thanks i tried anki years back but it didn’t help me much back then. Currently i am using Wanikani which is doing ok for me. Maybe i give anki a shot again since i changed my learning method a little bit.

For example i also didn’t use Genki before since i thought the book from my community college would work fine. Turns out i only learned polite japanese there for the use in companys sigh
I want to talk to normal people not sell someone a car.