Game recommendations

Couldn’t find a thread for this so thought I’d start one. I always enjoy seeing what others are enjoying as it gives me new games to look into.

With all the final fantasy games available on switch, which one would you recommend for a newcomer to the series?

I like JRPGs such as Pokemon and Kingdom hearts but haven’t tried final fantasy yet. I know about it.

I recommend Final Fantasy 9. It was a more “back to the roots” game in the franchise anyway and it was my start in the genre of JRPG. Without it and Pokemon i would not have found games like the Tales of Series, Neptunia, Ys VIII or the Legend of Heroes Series :slight_smile:

Y2K A Post Modern RPG plays like Paper Mario, has a trippy but fun story and a unique art style and setting. Plus it’s $20

I’ve looked into that game. It looks good but waiting for sale. Heard mixed reviews on the battle system.

I was wanting to play a FF game next.

I have never played any FF’s so I have also been interested in checking one out. From the reddit threads like this and reviews, it seems FF XII would be the best. It has high reviews with some 10s for the Switch version. There also some quality of life enhancements and I haven’t heard of any bugs affecting it. Its a physical release and all on the cart that is attractive to me.

I am trying to thin the backlog little before picking it up.

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Thank you for everyone’s replies.

It would be nice to use this as a general recommendations thread too not just related to a specific game. Just an idea.

What games would you recommend for switch player?

Personally I really love Wandersong. It’s a colourful platform/adventure game where you save the world by singing.