Friendly discussion about upcoming games

Luigi’s Mansion, Super Monkey Ball, A Hat in Time anything coming up you want to get?

Seriously stop being a whining bitch all the time, games cost too much in your opinion and that’s fine.

Games cost a lot to buy here in China when you look at how much people earn on average (in the city I live in, an average wage is between ¥1500-¥2500 p/m) and a game costs ¥310-¥450. Although it affects me less being an expat as they are technically cheaper than in the UK they are also more expensive when it comes to wages.

As Steven has said Australia has a higher minimum wage than other countries so the games should cost more.

Here is an idea you may have never heard about if you think it’s too expensive don’t buy it or wait until you can get it second hand or even buy it on a different system.

I never stopped to ask, why do you live in China? Were you born there or just live there for work?

I moved here about 8 years ago, my wife is Chinese and I was sick of the U.K so we moved here.

Oh cool that’s a good legit reason! I was just wondering lol. Are you picking up Luigi’s Mansion 3 at the end of the month?

Yeah, I should get it a few days after release as I have to get it sent from Hong Kong so takes a few days, but fingers crossed I could get it release day like I did with Super Mario Maker 2. How about you?

I pre-purchased and pre-installed it on my Switch a few weeks ago