Forums dead already?

Are the forums dead already? Admin and Mods havent been heard from in weeks maybe months now, and only 3-4 people have been active and in the past 5 days no one has been active.

Is it time to move on? I hope not but it’s looking like it

Guilty as charged.
i’ve joined this forum for a month and this is the my 1st post ever…

The forum seem pretty quiet and content bit lacking…
I mean, Switch is a great platform but the true juice is really the games right? if i were to look for information about the game i’m playing i guess i have better sources like wiki, reddit and even gamefaqs…

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Yeah, many people join then never talk, its a shame as if mor people did then there would maybe be more resources to be found, as you said at the moment there are places which offer more.

I guess i could try posting something, i do wish there is more sub-category and such.
E.g. Indie corners, Nintendo mainstream, Elite 3rd party, oldies but goodies, etc

I once joined a local game forum before and they don’t much categorization is the topic of convo so its all just one large information dump and it’s pretty messy.
Hope some admin here and look into this =D

Yeah, there aren’t many categorys to choose from.

I havent see a mod or admin for months so they might no see.

Guilty here too. I used to post quite a bit when it started but now it feels a bit messy with topics all over the place and repeated etc. I just find it a bit daunting.

Maybe if there were some general pinned threads for chat and questions then individual threads for specific games.

Yeah, the forums are messy now, we need some mods to sort it out, if the current mods don’t want to then the Admin need to get some people who will. I really don’t want these forums to die

Yeah. I enjoy having places to chat gaming with. Especially as none of my friends are into gaming.

Hi! What kind of cleaning or organizing do you think could help the Forum improve? Feel free to comment here if anyone has any suggestions.

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I think there should be a main switch thread as a catch all for news instead of a thread for each new item. 1 dedicated thread per game people want to talk about. General chat thread too.

It would be nice to have a thread for each direct/event as there was lots of different threads around e3 making it a bit confusing knowing where to post

An official feedback thread which is pinned would be good, as well as removing double threads about the same games or events also I dont see the point of making multiple introduction threads so maybe an official introductions thread where people can introduce themselves , also not to be funny but the mods and admin should be more active as this would encourage people to talk

I read a lot of posts here, but I do not comment very often =P

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I think that’s how a lot of people are. To be fair if I don’t feel I have much to contribute I tend to hang and watch rather than say anything :wink: