Fix joycon

Hey im searching for a place to fix my joycon in Japan, does anyone know where, and how much will it’s cost?

Is drift the problem? If so you can buy a new stick for cheap and change it yourself, its really easy to do. I did it myself with my OG grey joycon and took about 15minutes and cost me under $2

Where did you buy the things? And drifting and the a button isnt responsive

I bought it on , if the a button isnt working maybe its dirty inside the joycon, if not it would be cheaper to buy a new one

Any good vid for looking how to clean it?

You could try using a can of compressed air and see if that helps before you do anything.
Not sure about any videos I just dived in, you will need a tri wing screwdriver though

If the joy-con you are attempting to fix is a launch set I would just get a new pair. The Neon Yellows, Neon Blue and Reds, and the Base Grey set go on sale all the time. If you primarily play with them attached on the go there is also very inexpensive but supposedly nice 3rd party knock off ones too