Fire Emblem So far

Now that the game has been out for a month, I was wondering what choices people made and what are the impressions they got about the game? SPOILERS BELOW

I finished the Black Eagles route where I side with Edelgard and almost finished with the Blue Lions route. It’s nice to do the game with new game plus but the Explore feature really felt useless to me post time skip in both paths since there was no one to recruit and few supports I needed to level up since many were high naturally and others were high because I took that approach to recruiting them.

Originally I didn’t think I’d be interested in checking out Claude’s House for a playthrough but I’ve felt teased by his appearances in the Blue Lions route enough to where I’m curious to see what information I’m missing from his route. Which I think is the brilliance in the design since my curiousity won’t let me stop playing the game until I know the full Three House story.

What are your thoughts?

I have finished the church path, 2 months away from finishing the black eagle path. Next I will do the golden deer path but that will be a while as I am addicted to Astral Chain at the moment.

If you are using new game plus you should have been able to recruit nearly all the non house students bar the house leaders eat friends, I only missed the guy who is obsessed with girls.

After the time jump I think the point of exploring is increasing your own stats so you students can earn more exp and build up your support roles.

Over all I love the game, the conversation backgrounds are ugly as hell and they could have put a little more effort in to that as they seem to be stretched and cut and pasted together.

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