Fake Ultra Shiny GX Pokemon cards


Hey, I purchased from 2 different places SM8B booster boxes
One had lighter colos to the cards then the other
Which one is fake?
Is there maybe different color in different factories?

tnx for the helpers


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Without seeing them it’s hard to tell could you post an image of both of them? Where did you buy them from? What did you pay for each booster box?

If you bought them from somewhere like Alibaba or Taobao they are very likely to be both fake.

The fastest way to tell would be to open a pack and see if it has a QR code to use with the TGC game on mobile devices as if its fake it wont have one and the pack may say it comes with 10 cards but there will only be 9 and when you start to open them you will notice they may have backs which have identical cards to a pack you have already opened


Hey, They are Japanese so I don’t think that they come with codes in the pack (on youtube they don’t have codes)

I bought them on Ebuy and in a japanshop online

I payed around 75$-85$ each

The onley difference is the shape of the color

An Australian guy said to me that it may just be the ink in the factories

Thanks for the massege and sorry for the over posting