Esports- do you watch

I’m recovering from a recent brain surgery (it never gets old saying that and I won’t get to forever. Just a little non cancer tumor) and today while going through my YouTube channels I saw the Smash/Splatoon open in North America.

I’ve watched some Smash tourney events before and they are good for backgrounding. Right now while I am often unable to play games myself due to pain, it had been fun watching the broadcast.

Just curious, who her likes watching these tournaments and what games do you like to watch? Does anyone here participate?

I personally do not watch ESports or any let’s players/streamers. I think some of them actually hurt gaming. I’ll explain.

I am ok if they want to stream the newest Call of Duty or Fortnite. But I absolutely hate when they stream in their entirety story based games especially indie ones. This hurts the overall sales of these games because I have ran into many of people who say why buy it I’ll just watch it.

I am a fan of playing games not watching games

I watch very few tournaments. I have also watched the Splatoon and Smash tournaments on the Nintendo youtube channel and i rarely watch games i used to play like League of Legends but that’s it. I rather play games myself and if i watch something i prefer it to be a Anime or something or a youtube video that has some form of script or tells me some news.
Streamers and game tournaments are not really my thing

I don’t really watch any esports. Tried watching some fighting game coverage a few times but couldn’t sit through it as the players were mostly using the same characters and had obnoxious attitudes.

Yeah, for sure stories or cutscenes at all being broadcast are bad, but having watched very few different games myself, is that something that really happens? Seems to me, watching Smash and Splatoon, nothing is really given away other than maybe the characters in Smash if you’ve gone out of your way to avoid reveals.

I am a big fan of watching splatoon 2 tournaments, I am wanting to take part in some in the future but need to improve a little more in ranked before I try, I also run splatoon tournaments myself.

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I think eSports has huge potential to be like conventional sports, it’s just that there’s some stigma with video games that need to be removed… add online esports gambling to it and poof you got many people watching it lol…

but as of now… I don’t watch much eSports the same way I don’t watch normal sports really, but I can see the appeal

Did you see that in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA they are building an esports arena? I think this is a positive sign here for us in the states.

That is really cool. I used to go to some events of the ESL back when Counter Strike Source was a thing and i would have loved to go to such events more regularly. I don’t like streaming that much but being there and feeling the atmosphere myself is something different

No, not at all. I don’t see the point in looking at other people playing games when I could be having fun doing it myself (just a lot worse). I don’t watch regular sports either, mind.

But I can understand why some people really like it. Just not my “thang”. Les goûts et les couleurs, on ne discute pas. And I apologise for any French-speaking members here for likely having butchered your native tongue.

Out of curiosity what did you say?
I don’t speak french but i’m curious ^^

Not at the moment, though it’s something I may look at. I like watching Let’s plays a lot. I usually then buy the game to try for myself. I have seen snippets when looking up gameplay footage as it’s the easiest way to tell if I’d be into a game is watching gameplay instead of trailers. I think you have to be interested in the game to enjoy watching others play. Just like with other sports.

Literally, it says: “One does not discuss tastes and colours”. It is the French equivalent of “To each his own”.

Class dismissed! Now go play your ‘games on video’.


XD Thank you sensei or whatever the french word for teacher is XD

Yes I enjoy watching E-Sports.
Seen some unbeliavable CS plays that have blown my mind. Just goes a long way in order to prove that no matter how good a gamer you may be you can ALWAYS learn something from watching pros.

To throw a parallell track here.
I am a mountainbiker, have been one for as long as I can remember. I actually earned a good living riding bikes. But I will still follow racing and watch mtb vids, because everything progresses.
The things I see 15 year olds do on a bike today was unthinkable when I was 15.
Much like mountainbiking I have seen videogames and gaming progress.
And kids will be kids no matter what.
Monkey see, monkey do.
It’s how I learned how to do tabletop-whips and its how I learned map knowledge in certain games.