E3 Predictions


So I was hoping to hear more on Luigi mansion 3 and have fingers crossed for Mario Rabbids 2. Id like to think even Arms 2 should be in the works at least be nice to at least hear about tho. Mario Golf??? Maybe Mario Baseball??


Halo and Forza for Switch


I can’t predict, so I hope:

  • Confirmation/info on Switch Lite/Pro
  • A lot of Luigi’s Mansion 3
  • Animal Crossing details and release date
  • Reveal of F-Zero, Starfox, 1080 and Waverace (Ah, cliché Nintendo-dreams. :wink: )
  • A new tailor made SimCity for Switch, à la SNES.
  • A port of Paper Mario Color Clash (Thousand-year door is stretching it, but preferable) OR a new Mario & Luigi-game for Switch.
  • SNES-games coming To Switch Online on it’s first anniversary.
  • A port/remake/sequel to Eternal Darkness. One that doesn’t get cancelled this time, please.
  • If not revealed by then, Persona 5 Switch.
  • First mention of a new mainline Zelda. Just a namebomb.

I hope for more cool indies but I think that will probably come at Gamescon, Pokemon derails & release date, astral chain info, animal crossing, Zelda news.


I hope for more infos und Luigis Mansion 3, Pokemon, Bayonetta 3 and Ultimate Alliance 3.

In the wishfull thinking department i hope for a Pokemon Snap with Labo VR support.
Maybe a new F-Zero? Pretty please?
Also a remake or a new fatal frame would be great.
Also a new Pokemon Pro Controller ^^


I still think what would kill it at E3 is other than just some impressive 1st Party Nintendo annoucements and 3rd party support for the Switch is an announcement of a much larger Xbox Partnership.

I think the Switch could easily run Gears of War 1-3, Halo 1-4, Ori and the Blind Forest 1 and 2, State of Decay 1 and 2, Forza Horizon 2, and even Sea of Thieves (The water effects may take a slight hit). This would be amazing! Xbox can keep Crackdown 3. Also a remaster of Via Pinata 1 and 2 for the Switch would kill.


I will get Halo on pc but State of decay on Switch? I would love it. It’s a series i wanted to try out.


We’re all dreamers here, it would seem. :wink:

Oh, how could I forget! PUNCH-OUT!! :smiley:

C’mon, Little Mac has been in more non-Punch-Out-games than actual Punch-Out ones. :confused:


Uuuuuhhhhh i like that. I have never played a Punch Out except the NES one on a virtual console before.


Metroid Prime Trilogy Remastered, if it isnt announced at e3 then I think it doesnt exist sadly, Animal crossing reveal and release date, Bayo 3 reveal and release date, more Pokemon info, and at the end Nintendo reveal Metroid Prime 4 will coke out next year, as the restart of development was a joke and in fact this is what Retro have been working on for years(they did provide a demo to Nintendo to win it back so you never know). But really I think we can expect some random games from Nintendo which will be WTF moments but will also be a pre order right now sort of games.

Would love a Switch pro reveal which has more memory and more powerful, there would be games which could use this extra power but they can still be played on OG switch units.

More games getting LABO VR suppport, a plastic VR headset which a head strap and some vr only games which will take advantage of the cardboard or plasti headset, I am thinking games like Links Crossbow Training which will come with a attachment like it in LCT.

Too much to hope for, you bet, but it could happen


Im glad to see a wide array of games people want to see. I heard a few o wasnt even thinkong of that would be a great fit to E3 and more important the Switchs growing selection of games.


Seeing all the reports of a switch lite makes me hope they announce one. A smaller more robust console I feel more comfortable taking out the house would awesome. Similar size to my vita maybe with a range of colours. (I really want a green one)


I would love to see a Pikmin collection come out on the Switch, so I think if Pikmin 4 is real they will release Pikmin 1-3 on Switch. So I predict The Pikmin HD Collection: Pick a Pack of Pikmin to be announced at E3 as well as the other things I mentioned above.