Cuphead Discussion

I pre-purchased and installed Cuphead the second it was available after it’s debut. Yesterday almost killed me having to wait until 11 am CST to even play it, lol. But after doing so it was worth the wait. It is a flawless port of this Xbox exclusive gem. Seriously for $20 you can’t go wrong, and even if you are waiting for the physical edition, pay $20 for the digital and then buy it again when it’s physical it’s worth every penny.

Tip: Play with a Pro Controller, I fear the frustration this game can bring on may cause you to break a Joy-Con in anger lol

Who else is playing this on their Switch?

How difficult is cuphead? I mean i know it is really hard but can you compare it to other games? Maybe even modes in certain games? Like Hard mode in Bayonetta or something like that.

I am curious about the game but i don’t want to eat a Joycon in frustration

It’s difficult but not unfairly. There is a couple things to keep in mind:
1.) You need to be good about jumping under pressure, really good
2.) All the bosses telegraph their moves, but they do this while everything is trying to kill you
3.) Restarting a boss is quick, and it shows you how close you were to completing it

There is also run and gun levels which are very difficult but rewarding when you complete one. I would say if you could get through Bayonetta 1 and 2 without breaking our joycon that you’ll be fine.


How long is the game? That surely is a tricky question since it depends on the skill of the player but i would like to know how many levels there are. Is the Switch version the normal base game? Guess what i am asking is where there any DLC since the initial launch and if so are they in there?

The game has three islands and the final couple of fights are multi-tiered. A skilled player could beat it in 4 hours, a regular player maybe in 6-8 hours, and an absolute newbie to video games could take a lot longer. There is a huge bit of free DLC coming very soon and it will include a new playable character.

OH thats cool.
Thank you very much. I guess i will see in what skill category i belong :sweat_smile:

I loved it on Xbox and I’m loving it again on Switch! I suck, though. But with enough practice, memorisation and pure Willpower, you can overcome anything in Cuphead. Like Dark Souls, dying a lot is part of the experience.

… I know that doesn’t make it sound fun, but it really is.