COVID 19 and delays in orders

Unless you have been living in a box you will know that COVID 19 is basically disrupting everything and Nintendosoup’s store is no different as they have sent an e-mail about their situation 2 weeks ago. Judging by Nintendosoup’s track record of not understanding the meaning of efficiency, speed and communication from what I have read. It is likely that we want even see our pre-orders arrive anytime soon but in a time of a pandemic it is completely understandable.

For the members who still look at this forum, when do you think that the Nintendosoup logistics will able to ship out our orders? After all it’s unlikely we’ll hear from any of the staff as they pretty much forgot this place exists…

Update 1: I managed to get in contact with Iggy but they somehow canceled my order even when I said not to. This is a nightmare.

Edit: I ordered the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Pre Order bonus

Sadly the staff abandoned this place at launch, as far as I know I am the only person left who joined when it launched as the other OG members bailed after the lack of moderation in this place.

As for the Nintendo Soup store if anyone considers buying from there as from what I have heard about it I would rather stick bamboo splinters under my finger nails than buy from the Nintendo Soup store.

If anyone has bought anything from them if it’s not too late get a refund and use a site like playasia. You will never hear from the staff from what I have heard.

That is if you can get a refund from them. I made the idiotic decision to buy from them and the only response I got from is a e-mail regarding COVID 19 and replying if I want a refund. I sent an email regarding my order status via that e-mail 2-3 days ago and I haven’t heard a word from them yet.

Honestly if it gets really bad I’m going to order from a proxy site and going to war with the staff by reporting this site to the federal trade commission and having it shut down here in the United States. Would be a nice wake up call for the staff as this store is simply unprofessional and unacceptable.

Edit: Yes I know I went from 1 to 11 really fast but they messed with the wrong customer

I also made the same mistake by buying from them, now I want to be reimbursed.

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Click on this link, this is the person in charge of the site send them a dm and ask for your money back

Thanks for the link to the account. I’ve been trying to get to them via email and was having the same issues mentioned in this thread.

Good luck, I don’t know if they will reply as I get the opinion they don’t really care, there has only just been an mod added to these forums after over a year of them being open so I doubt they will care about stuff on the Shop. If I were you I would contact your bank and try to get the money back and use a site like play Asia next time.