Can we organize a tournament?

I think it would be cool to do a Smash Bros Ultimate or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament with a 1st place prize. In a very old Discord group I use to run we use to do these and top place would get something like a $20 giftcard for the eShop. I use to personally fund the prize and would be willing to again if anyone was down for this

I’m down for a tournament with or without a prize.

I would prefer Mario Kart but it doesn’t really matter if Mario Kart, Smash or Bomberman ^^

I think it’s a cool idea

I never like to do tournaments for buy ins or big prizes but a little $20 giftcard can buy quite a few great indie titles on the Switch so I have no problem supplying that

I would be up for it, maybe something like a grand prix on MK8D? Race a certain cup once once week the winner gets so many points the person in last gets 1 point. Tally up the points over the space of a month for the winner.

I dont care about there being a prize or anything having fun is more important

My internet isn’t the best so I probably wouldn’t participate, but this sounds like a great idea! It would be fun seeing everybody having some fun competitions. :slight_smile: