Brazilians... Are you there?

Guys, my name is Eduardo. I’m from Brazil and I like this site a lot! I’m always searching for Nintendo news around here and, since the site is in english, I see that in general the content is made for North Americans…

So I’m reaching out for Brazilians… Say hello and tell me: What other sites do you visit to? What interest you the most about the things you see here? Where do you live in Brazil? Have you bee having difficult buying stuff from Nintendo?

As for me: I pretty much read Nintendo Soup all day and Eurogamer sometimes, I’m always looking for new games, manly RPGs and plataform or 2d, 3d adventures, I’m from the Northeast, from Natal RN to be specific, and only one store here in my city sells original Nintendo products. The others will accept orders, but the prices are way too high. The physicall things I got were imported or from Mercado Livre… ^^

If you’re out there say hello!:raising_hand_man:t2: Maybe we can help each other on the difficult task of finding cheap Nintendo games when they try so badly stay out of our country… :pensive:

See you o/

Hi JEduLira, welcome to NintendoSoup Forum!

Thanks for reading our website!

I have heard awful things about the tariffs in Brazil, so I can sympathize with you on the prices. Have you tried buying games from the eShop? To my knowledge I believe the Brazilian eShop isn’t affected by the tariffs.

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Hi Iggy!!!

Thank you for answering… Sorry I’m late for responding your post…

So, about Brazilian tariffs: There’s a law project going up and down through the Government corridors trying to reduce (to 0% if possible) games taxes related. If means that all games and consoles would have a minimun tax or not taxes at all!!! The problem is, this is taking forever and no one knows exactly when this project is going to get aproved. Untill there, there’s nothing we can do but to pay more than we should…
We would be in a better situation IF importation taxes were lighter, but it can get to 60% of the value of the product (besides the Dollar value compared to the Real, the taxes from the country we’re getting the product from, the packing and travelling and delivery…). The taxes makes something that is already not that cheap into a very expensive item!!!

About Brazilian Eshop: It would be amazing if the Eshop resolved all this problem, but it doesn’t! The thing is, if you make the count, the product sold in USA and the one sold in brazilian Eshop have a very similar price. But:

  1. The Eshop doesn’t have the same library. So there’s a lot of games we can’t buy from there. The majority of the titles are first party games and some of the most famous…
    And 2. Switch has this storage problem… We end up buying the physical versions of some games not only because we want to have the cartrige and the official artbox and stuff… if you want to buy a lot of games (and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to!) then you buy a sd card and physical versions and… well…

All I really wanted is: Since Nintendo won’t help, the prices won’t help, the Government won’t help, I wanted the help of another people! I wanna know how can I get amiibos, games, accessories cheaper and I hope I can help others too. That’s the reason I wrote on the article.

However it seems I’m the only brazilian here… oh, well…


Thanks for replying!

Have you tried buying from the US or Canadian eShop instead? Your credit/debit card should work.

Good to hear that Brazil is trying to reduce video game taxes to 0%. But if the 60% tariff remains, I think it will not be easy to purchase hardware and other accessories at a low cost.

I have a USA account. I usually buy from there. It’s my only salvation!!! Hahaha…

But I really wanted to buy some games physically… That is the challenge…

Thank you so much for the advice! ^^

No problem! :slight_smile: I hope your government will lower the tariffs one day, it will help everyone. Otherwise it is very hard to buy games.

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Hello Eduardo! I’m from brazil
As you said, i’m looking for any Switch news in the internet as Nintendo Soup as well

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Você é de qual estado?
Como vc tem conseguido comprar mídia física??
Quais jogos vc já zerou no Switch???

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Sou do Interior de SP
Eu comprei 3 jogos juntos com o Switch quando um colega viagou para NY
Atualmente,tenho importado jogos em promoçoes ou versoes especificas
Zerei o basico até agora: Zelda,Mario Odissey,Mario kart
Estou jogando Bayonetta 1,Okami e Hyrule Warriors

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I only buy digitally (except the Labo kits for obvious reasons) and if I want to decorate my room I can buy posters or figurines

I rather not and at the future what will you do when the SD card comes full?

PS: it’s a google image

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Buy a bigger SD card. My 400 gb is full, so I had to archive some of my lesser played hands for now. But I plan on getting a 512 gb card for now and wait for the end of the year to get the 1 tb. I have gigabit internet so redownloading archived games isn’t a pain at all.

The problem with physical is I have to go to store or wait for it to be delivered. I like waking up and playing my new release immediately.


Quando vc importa, costuma importar de qual loja? Qual vc acha confiável?

Eu quero muito jogar Bayonetta!!! Espero jogar nesses próximos meses.
Já joguei Hyrule Warriors! Adoro o jogo!!!

Tô querendo comprar os Final Fantasy, Yoshi e Mario Party em mídia física e alguns amiibos…

Como eu moro no Rio Grande do Norte, o mercado daqui não tem sido muito bacana…

Boa sorte pra gente!!!

I buy digitally too. But I preffer buying some of the games physically. The bigger ones, at least.
Zeldas, Marios, Final Fantasys, Smash, the first party and big titles, I’d rather have the box! ^^

Why do you want the box? I have never wanted a CD case for an album.

Considering there are a lot of indie games who releases a physical edition
I keen on to collect some as Celeste,Outlast,the messenger etc
In the future i could make some deal with physical and change in a local store or with some friends

Ja importei dessas lojas ,todas sao confiaveis.
Mariio128 , Estarland e Playasia
Com o preço do dolar,vale a pena ficar de olho nas promoçoes
sugiro voce pesquisar no site da PlayAsia,caso achar algo em um preço bom,eu tenho um cupom de desconto
Geralmente chega em menos de 45 dias

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For the same reason I want the book. I could read it online or hear someone reading it for me, but I’d rather have it physically…
It’s a preference and a choice. ^^

45 DIAS??? Oh my…

Bem… é o preço q se paga por pagar mais barato…
Enfim… eu tô pensando seriamente em pegar Final Fantasy Maxima daqui do site… nem sei quantas unidades eles tem… vc já comprou algo daqui?

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Olhei no meu historico,recebi jogos entre 9 e 26 dias uteis,vale a pena esperar
Jogos por aqui passam de R$300
Eu costumo comprar 2 jogos por vez e o preço melhora um pouco.
Eu nao sabia que o site vende jogos,vou dar uma olhada,mas a cada mes fica dificil escolher um jogo apenas