Anyone excited for Super Nintendo World? Opening 2020 in Osaka, Japan

Super Nintendo World, the first Nintendo theme park, is opening before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 at USJ (Universal Studios Japan). This means we’re one year away from the theme park’s opening.

Although we haven’t heard much about Super Nintendo World since the last trailer a few years ago, is anyone planning a trip to Osaka in 2020?

I will definitely be there around the opening period as I can’t wait to experience Super Mario in real life. Also curious to see how the Mario Kart attraction turns out!

Some videos:

No because I don’t live in Japan lol

I planned to travel to japan again in 2021 so i might go there by then. I am interested but i wait and see what it will actually be like.

The Mario Kart attraction is what i am most curious about too. Played Mario Kart in arcades in japan already and it was great fun. If it is anything like that or even better i’m happy ^^

You can travel there though!

Same thing. I wonder what the other attraction (other than Mario Kart) would be. Hope to hear more from Universal this year, since the opening is a little more than a year away (they are planning to open before the Olympics, which starts in August 2020).

The olympics are my reason for not going to japan next year ^^’
I think it will be pretty crowded next year. Even more so than usual so i will wait till 2021. Maybe they will even have more attractions by then. For now i stick to my drawing board and plan a looooong trip in the land of the rising sun

Yup, I guess so. I’ve been to Tokyo a few times, and I feel it’s already really crowded but everything (transportation and all) works fine.

Im really excited for this to open. Ill be waiting for the U.S. one to open ill be going with my son which is 7 months old now so be perfect when it opens for my little one to get into Nintendo like I did as a kid. Saying that wish this was a thing in the late 80s.

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Haha i hope you will have a great time there ^^
I never really got to amusement parks when i was a kid. As an adult even i was only to smaller ones, not like Disney Land or Europa Park.

So Nintendo Land will be my first real big amusement park. Gets me even more hyped when i think about it ^^

Ive been to disney world in FL in 1989 i was 7 so was amazing for the times. Not as much for me never really was a disney type kid. So i going to try to relive so childhood threw my son LOL.

I don’t really care about theme parks but I’ve always dreamed of visiting a Nintendo one. So this is like a literal dream come true for me.