Animal Crossing New Horizons Delay Support Group

Stands up Hi my name is Steven, I’ve been a life long Animal Crossing player since the original released here in America on the Gamecube and ate an entire Gamecube memory card by itself. The recent delay announcement during yesterday’s direct caused me to put my head on my desk at work and cry. Sits down

When I found out that the delay was due to work/life balance for the developers, I was actually 100% okay with it. Sure, I really wanted the game this year, but ya know what? I also want people to be able to be happy in their jobs. I feel like the approach they are taking will guarantee a polished experience.

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I am really disappointed by the delay, but I am also relieved about it as there are too many great games coming and this will give my wallet a breather.

I really admire the devs for being honest and you could tell in the tree house gameplay they are not happy about delaying it.

I think its great Nintendo is going against what most developers seem to be doing these days of working their teams to exhaustion to get a game out in time be it finished or not, more so when they have also delayed Metroid Prime 4, had to delay Fire Emblem so the last thing they wanted to do was delay Animal Crossing and for them to announce that at an huge event like E3 and have the developers talk about it live shows they care about their fans more than most other companies.

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I’m glad it was delayed, I was starting to worry about the release date. There’s no way it could have released in July or august with so little information, so that would have left it a fall or winter release date.
Animal Crossing City folk was released the day before thanksgiving in 2008, and it was a terrible time to launch. I know, because I got it day1. All you could do was fish. I hope you like mole crickets, because that was literally the only bug you could catch in the winter. On top of that, the new grass mechanic they added was at the very worst during the winter. You could SEE the grass fading away as you walked on it, and most people had no clue this was even going on.

New leaf was much better because it released right before E3 in 2013, It was a great time with lots of bugs to catch and tons of greenery. On top of that, you could go to the island where it was always summer.

Basically, the game is now set to release at the perfect time, just take solace in the fact that you will have a good time starting out in the spring, playing a game perfected and meant to be enjoyed for years to come.

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I think the game looks good but I want to see more. I like animal crossing casually, like not check in on my town everyday, but I do like having the town. So far although animals move to the island they haven’t shown much town elements like shops or the museum. I hope they’re still in the game as I enjoy those a lot in new leaf.

I do like that you can decide where the villagers live but am a bit iffy on the crafting. I like crafting in other games but for me animal crossing is more for the interactions.

I look forward to seeing more and trying to work through all the other great games already releasing this year.