A new challenger approaches: Cookie gets ready to crumble!

Hey there! I’m Cookie, a game-enthousiast and Nintendo-fan (obviously), though I’m open to and own a lot of other consoles. Nintendo just has a special place in my cold, digital heart.

I’m always happy to join people online, so feel free to add me. My FC is SW-2343-1103-4059.

Let’s get this forum started! :smiley:

Hi Strange_Cookie, welcome to the forum!

What other consoles do you own? :open_mouth:

Currently (Yes, it tends to… waver) I own:

  • Switch
  • PS4 Pro
  • WiiU
  • PS3
  • Retron5
  • Saturn
  • Gamecube (purple, because… purple!)
  • 3DS XL SNES-edition
  • Vita
  • PSP
  • NES mini
  • SNES mini
  • Retrocade
  • Xbox360

Not counting the endless versions of Game Boy, GBA, DS and 3DS.

Wow that’s a lot of consoles! I currently have these:

DS Lite
New 3DS XL
New 3DS (JPN)
Nintendo Switch

Yes, it’s a lot, yet I’ve sold a fair lot of them. Let’s say I’ve owned every Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony system at one point, bar the original Playstation.

What social life?

My name is (See User Name) and I am a life long gamer. I stated when I was 2 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (My Grandmother’s gift to my older Brother) and have owned and played a majority of the systems since then (Yes even 3DO and Virtual Boy).

Currently I have amassed an eye watering 150 games on my favorite system Nintendo Switch (My poor 400 gb microSD card is hurting). I also have a PS4 with over 350 games and a gaming PC w/ Oculus Rift.

I play close to every new game that comes out, but I do skip the occasional one (Looking at you Anthem).

I do play games to have fun, I am not super competitive. So when I play a game like Smash Bros, no I won’t turn the levels flat, or turn the items off. I play it like the developers intended it, full random chaos.

If you just like to have gaming fun and don’t play like you are going to be the next Ninja on Twitch then hit me up.

Welcome Steven!

Might wanna consider getting the 1TB memory card this year… lol!

That is impressive! :slight_smile:

I have a 400GB card too. Only half-full, but it sure fills up fast, even though I mostly buy physical.

I haven’t heard of a 1tb Micro SD card but just a full SD card. I have been eyeballing the 512 micro sd card though

I have about 20GB+ free on my 256GB memory card. It fills up even faster by just buying a few Bethesda games lol

The 1TB microSD was announced earlier this year, I believe it’s coming in April.

Just prepare to pay for the 1TB. Welcome to you both!

I’m going to wait until the price drops first!

The 512 gb MicroSD cards have dropped to $100-120 range. I can sell my 400 gb for $50 to a friend. That should be good for now and I can wait for the 1 tb to get down in cost

Indeed, I’m surprised at how “cheap” the 512GB micro sd cards have become.

Thanks for the heads up, Steven! My brand new sd card in on its way home. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good idea lol. 1TB will probably drop next year

microSD cards usually drop in price every year, so the question is whether you’re able to wait. I hope I can wait until 2020 before upgrading - it’s troublesome to shift the files over.

Hmm… how do you transfer? Do you just have to redoenload everything?

You can literally plug in both cards into a computer and transfer from one to the other

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Ah, ok I didn’t realize it used FAT, I just assumed the Switch used a proprietary file system