1Print Games

Well I must say for myself and many many other gamers from around the world that like to collect physical copies of games Thank You to 1Print games for starting a company to bring us more games and cool merch. Myself I like to have physical versions of games to play beat collect everything and then have the chance to sell or trade or just pass off to the next advid or hardcore gamer. I know my copy of Yoshi’s crafted World went to a family were the Mom and Son played it like crazy and were able to get it cheeper than brand new and in damn near perfect shape as it could be (Thanks Nintendo for cartridges again no more scratched disks). That made me ever more happy with my choice to buy beat and let the next gamers enjoy. So again thanks for bringing us more games to enjoy.

Good to hear that you’re looking forward to 1Print Games’ releases, Wckdlink!

I’ll relay your thanks to both Iggy and Nitro at 1Print Games. I’m sure they’ll be happy that you appreciate what they’re doing! :slight_smile: